[Review] Nendoroid Wagnaria Playsets A&B

(*≧▽≦) Time to kick-start my blog with a review!

Today, we’ll be looking at both Nendoroid Playsets A&B from the series, Working!! Very briefly, Working!! is a manga about the lives and interactions of the employees working at a family restaurant named Wagnaria. I actually enjoyed the two anime series, so if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend you take a look if you have time!

Anyway, so far, 3 of the waitresses have been turned into nendoroids: Taneshima Popura, Inami Mahiru, and Yamada Aoi. I actually got these playsets a while back. But at the time, only the main waitress, Popura, was in nendoroid form. When I saw that Inami and Yamada were also getting nendroids, I decided to open the playsets only after I get all 3 of them. It wouldn’t be much of a restaurant if we just had one waitress, would it? Needless to say, they came in a couple weeks ago, so here I am putting my sets together! And don’t worry, the reviews for the 3 girls will come soon after~

Ok, enough rambling. Onwards to the review!  (*゚▽゚)/

Here are the two sets! As you can see, set A is the dining part of the restaurant, and set B is the kitchen. Let’s take a look at A first.

Here are the parts of set A. It comes with two windowed walls, a floor, two restaurant sofas, a table, a Wagnaria sign, a parfait, a cup and dish, a coffee pot, and an electronic menu taking device for waiters/waitresses. Overall, the quality was very nice. The floor is extremely shiny (*ο*), and the smaller accessories are pretty detailed. One thing that disappointed me was the sign though.

As you can see here, the name on the sign wasn’t done very well, so part of the r is missing! (>△<) Oh well, luckily I bought a second set of this set to create a bigger restaurant, so I have a extra sign to use.

See how shiny the floor is?? This is the room all put together~ Now where’s the furniture…

Jyan-jyan~!! Welcome to Wagnaria~ Irasshaimase~

Here at Wagnaria, we only serve parfaits and coffee. I really wish the playset came with more food accessories (;A;) I find it very hard to find miniatures that are the right scale for Nendoroids, especially here in Canada. Because of these playsets, I’ve also started this mini obsession with collecting miniatures(>∩<)But I’m afraid that story is for another post…

One thing that surprised me was this coffee pot. I noticed that the coffee inside actually moved around inside the pot, so I wondered if it could possibly be taken out..

…and it does! The lid comes off just like a normal coffee pot, so you can pose your figures with an empty pot if you wanted to. Hehe, little things like this always make me so happy.

And that’s set A of the Wagnaria playset. Nothing too extraordinary here, but I do really like the parfait and the coffee. They are detailed, but not as detailed as other miniatures like ones produced by RE-MENT or Megahouse. I also wish there were more! In any case, I can’t wait to seat some of my Nendoroids in these chairs~ Let’s move on to set B now…

Set B is the kitchen, and it comes with two walls, the floor, a fridge, the cooking ranges, a rack for hanging cooking utensils, a center kitchen island with sink, a room divider, a shelf, and some kitchen accessories.

Again, look at that shiny floor~! I’m already getting paranoid of scratching its surface (>△<)

The empty room became a fully equipped kitchen! Personally, I prefer set B over set A because there’s just so many more parts and components in this set. I also can’t wait to stock up the fridge and shelf with goodies (>ω<*) The sink and the stove ranges are actually hollow, so all the furniture pieces are pretty light. I don’t have a close-up, but the glass on the divider is also frosted, which I think adds a nice touch!

The faucet is tiny, but it can be turned to face either bowl of the sink. The lever doesn’t move.

Other accessories include a knife and cutting board, a cooking pan, and a ladle. I like how you can hang both the ladle and the pan on the rack above the range.

We can’t forget about the fridge! It’s actually pretty shallow, but both doors do open up. Unfortunately, the lower door on mine is extremely tight and hard to open. I hope I don’t break it in the future (>_<)

And finally, we have both sets together. It’s a bit strange that the kitchen is directly linked to the dining area like that, but I guess the room divider in set B is supposed to mitigate that..

I think that these are really awesome sets, and I’m sure I’m going to have a lot of fun posing my Wagnaria girls and other nendoroids here in the near future. Overall, the build quality and paint job is generally very good. I didn’t find many defects besides the couple I noted earlier. Be sure to keep an eye out for these sets in my next few reviews on Popura, Inami, and Yamada, and you’ll be able to get a sense of their playability.

・▽・)ノ~~ Thanks for reading, and see you next time! Mata ne~


2 thoughts on “[Review] Nendoroid Wagnaria Playsets A&B

    1. It depends on what you get. Some stuff might work, but I think most of it will look a little too big. I don’t have a direct picture, but you can get an idea of the difference here. Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters accessories scale a lot better in my opinion 🙂

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