[Review] Nendoroid 233 – Yamada Aoi

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Hello everyone~

Many apologies for the lack of updates the past month! (>_<。) I’ve been extremely busy with work and various other things,  and I never got the chance to sit down for a photo shooting session with anything lately. But! That being said, I did manage to take some time last week to (finally) review another Nendoroid! Let’s not waste any more time and see who it is~~

Hmm, when did Wagnaria have an attic..?

Ah, it looks like another typical day at Wagnaria. But wait, who’s that stealing the restaurant purin while nobody’s looking??

… It’s none other than our resident troublemaker, Yamada Aoi!!

Sorry for the delay everyone, but here she is!~ The 3rd waitress of Wagnaria – Yamada Aoi~ This is her box. Again, it has the same pattern as Popura and Inami’s boxes, but purple, matching the colour of her hair.

Let’s open her up and.. this is the blister! She comes with 2 extra faces, lots of extra arms and one bent leg, 2 plates – 1 broken, 1 complete, a set of upside-down hair, and her attic attachment for the playset. Lots more parts than what was in Inami‘s package.

Again, just thought I’d note that, like Inami, her blister does also come with a twist-tie to hold it all together.

Here are all the stand possibilities for Yamada. We have the normal square base, which is the standard for most Nendoroids right now. We have the M-styled base for use with the playset. We also have a magnet stand to keep her up while upside-down popping out of the attic in case you don’t have the playset to attach it to. Only her upside-down hair has the magnet attachment, so you won’t be able to use it with her regular hair, unfortunately!

(^∇^) Here is Yamada with her big happy smile. Her uniform is just like Popura’s and Inami’s, except she has a badge on the right side of her apron which (I think) indicates that she is a trainee.

Inami and Popura are welcoming her to Wagnaria!

Yamada also comes with 2 straight arms with fists, just like the previous two waitresses, and I just had to continue Wagnaria army march! Just so everyone knows, the sleeves that come with these arms are angled in towards the body more, so they are actually go straighter forward than the default arms (which go off to the left/right more).

The biggest accessory to come with Yamada is, of course, the attic in which she lives in! Or at least, the door that leads to this presumed attic. The ledge to the right is for slotting onto the wall of the playset.

There is a hole on the bottom, and with the odd piece shown with the stands earlier, it slots into the attic to create the foundation for connecting Yamada to the attic itself.

To attach Yamada, you just have to take off her legs and slot her in. She also has special bent arms for holding onto the ceiling when she pops out of the attic. And if you’re going to display her upside-down, don’t forget her upside-down hair!

Here she is installed on the wall of the kitchen~! The peg fits into her torso pretty tightly, but because there’s nothing else keeping her up, I’m a bit scared that she’ll fall down eventually (ノдヽ)

Here is the default face that came with Yamada. She looks a little dumbfounded here, doesn’t she? Very cute!

Hehe, with the arms we looked at earlier for the attic, we can also use them normally to make her look like she’s about to scare someone…

… rawr. ヘ(°△ °ヘ)

My favourite face by far has to be this one… her crying expression!! It’s so cute, and her puffed-out cheeks makes me want to poke them as well! She also has two normal bent arms, one of which can be used to hold either the complete plate or half of the broken plate. Speaking of broken plate, why is our Yamada so sad right now…?

(,,#゚Д゚) She dropped a plate!! I’m sorry Yamada, but that face won’t work on me…. ok, maybe just this once.

A close-up of the broken plate! The pieces do actually fit together. Yamada often breaks things and causes trouble at Wagnaria, so it’s only appropriate to include this with her Nendoroid.

Annnd that brings the review to an end, unfortunately. Overall, Yamada is a very lovely Nendoroid, with many interesting and unique parts to play with, especially if she is an addition to your Wagnaria family. I love the crying expression which basically sold this set for me. The quality is decent. Other than the defective parts, the build and the paint job was done quite well. I didn’t find anything worth noting from the parts that were working. The defective parts did sadden me, but the customer support from GSC more than made up for it.

In case anyone wanted to know, the problem was that the hole in her back was too big, so the peg that is supposed to plugged into her back didn’t stay in place. The upside-down hair mould was also misaligned, so none of the faces fit into it.

Anyway, I’d like to apologize again for the sudden absence! It won’t happen again, I promise. Thank you to all the people who have been reading and coming by my blog. I hope to continue writing for all of you more frequently! As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions~~

Let’s end off the post with how my Wagnaria set is currently displayed on my shelf~ Please enjoy (*^▽^)/

Yamada: 「 *sob* *sob*  」
Hideyoshi: ∑(`Д´;)

Popura: 「Aoi-chan~ I-It’s okay!」

Inami: 「Kyaaaa~! (Gomen ne, Takanashi-kun)」

That’s all for today!

^□^)ノ~ Mata ne~ See you soon!


8 thoughts on “[Review] Nendoroid 233 – Yamada Aoi

  1. Great review! I was always curious as to how Yamada is attached to the attic when upside down. Many reviews I’ve seen of her didn’t mention it, so I’m glad you did!

  2. Hello, I had read from a review that you had gotten replacement parts for your Aoi nendoroid from goodsmile conpany. Would you please tell me how you went about that and what is required to get parts replaced since I have a nendoroid with faulty parts as well.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Justine! Thanks for visiting my blog~ (^o^)/

      If you have a faulty Nendoroid, try visiting GSC’s support site for more information on the kinds of defects/problems they can deal with. Send them an email (given at the website) describing the problem with your Nendoroid. They will ask for proof of the problems as well as proof that you own/bought the Nendoroid, and if they are able to help you, they will ask you for your address to send the replacement parts.

      If you just have broken joints, there’s a great guide by GSC’s mikatan on how to get those repaired at her blog.

      Hope that helps!

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