[Review] Nendoroid Petit – Uta no☆Prince-sama♪

(。・ω・)ノ゙ Hello again!

I apologize in advance for a rather picture-heavy post. But then again, who doesn’t like pictures??

Anyway, today we’ll be taking a look at….

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Box

Can you guess whose silhouettes are those?

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Box #2

We’ll be looking at the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Nendoroid Petits! I’ve wanted these since they were announced(^v^)Now if only they’ll make Starry☆Sky Petits as well..

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Box #3

Here’s another angle of the box. It’s full of their faces and cute stars and music notes, hehe.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Individual Box

A box comes with 8 Petits, and you’re guaranteed to get one of each from the set. There are a total of 6 + 1 secret to collect, so the 8th one is a random duplicate.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Individual Box #2

Here are the 6 princes! I wonder who’s in this one?

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Bubble Wrap

I got Hijirikawa Masato!! ( ^∇^) I don’t usually get Petits, but I was very surprised to find that they were packaged in bubble wrap inside an additional cardboard casing inside the box.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Packaging

Here’s the normal packaging for Petits. Usually the petit is in one section of plastic, with its stand and its stand base in sections of their own. Let’s take a closer look at all of them now!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Otoya and Tokiya

Here we have Ittoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya in their school uniforms!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Otoya Closeup

Otoya comes with additional headphones that you can put around his neck. I love how his smile reflects his optimistic nature.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Tokiya Closeup

As for Tokiya, even though he’s in chibi form, his coolness still manages to show through~

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Syo and Natsuki

Next we have Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki~! Hehe, isn’t it weird that Syo is the same height (and even taller with his hat on) as everyone else?

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Syo Closeup

Kyaaa~ (*≧▽≦) Syo’s nendoroid form suits him so well!! Our stylish chibi prince~ His uniform is also uniquely different from everyone else’s. Too bad his little nails aren’t painted black as well.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Syo without Hat

And of course, his hat is an accessory and can be removed!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Natsuki Closeup

Here is Natsuki~!! He has a very calm and gentle expression. His glasses are also removable~

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Satsuki?

Gah, Natsuki are you sure you want to do that?? (,,#゚Д゚) Hehe, I wish he came with another angrier expression for Satsuki.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Masato and Ren

Our next pair is Hijirikawa Masato and Jinguuji Ren!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Masato Closeup

Masato has a serious expression, but he’s still adorable thanks to his chibi form. He’s wearing a cute little argyle sweater. Hehe, look at him glaring at Ren~

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Ren Closeup

That’s because Ren is being flirty again. They replicated his uniform nicely, with his unbuttoned collar and vest. If you move his head to face his left hand, you can make him look like he’s blowing you a kiss!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Cecil

Last but not least, we have our secret character… Aijima Cecil!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Cecil Closeup

Cecil also has a gentle expression, and he looks like he’s singing from his heart~!

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Detail

Here is a closeup of Cecil’s uniform to give you an idea of the level of detail put into these Nendoroid Petits. In my opinion, they’re not as clean as full sized Nendoroids, but they’re still pretty good, especially considering their size.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Set

Anyway, here’s the entire set of princes! (^ω^)My extra was another Masato. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him yet, but we’ll see!

Now that we’re done introducing them, let’s look at Nendoroid Petits in closer detail.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Otoya

Otoya has volunteered for the demonstration~

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri vs Regular Nendoroid

As their name would suggest, Nendoroid Petits are smaller than the full sized Nendoroids. Here is a comparison between Otoya and Erio.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Stand

To my knowledge, the stand for Petits are all like this. There is a small round base and a stand that is ball jointed to the base and to the figure itself. The ball joint allows for some rotation, but not much.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Otoya Parts

Although not as poseable as their full-sized counterparts, Nendoroid Petits can still be decomposed into these basic components. The most notable difference is that their lower torso is now one piece, and the legs are not moveable. Again, the faceplate is attached to the torso via a ball joint, which allows the heads to do some tilt and rotation. Otherwise, the hair, arms and lower torso attach together just like a regular-sized Nendoroid would. The hands on Petits are, however, not removable.

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Swapped Heads

Being able to take apart a Petit also means that you can swap pieces around! Here is Otoya and Tokiya with their heads switched. Gives them a completely different feel, doesn’t it?

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri  Swapped Parts

Not all faceplates for Petits are the same size and shape, but if they are, you can even change their expressions! Tokiya, you’re smiling!!~ But why did you dye your eyebrows…. ( ゚Д゚)

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Mix

Of course, if you have other Petits, you can mix and match with them as well! Otoya, I don’t know if having your shirt unbuttoned and inviting your fangirls with open arms is a good idea….

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Mix #2

Bonus shot!「Come with me~」(///∇//)

Nendoroid Petit UtaPri Syo Cosplay

Oh, and I learned that my Edward Elric Petit has the exact same faceplate shape as these princes, so here is Syo cosplaying as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist! Haha, it makes Ed look extremely baby-ish and adorable.

Anyway, that’s all the ramblings I have for today’s post. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below! I hope you all enjoyed my post~

^v^)ノ~ Until next time! Mata ne~


2 thoughts on “[Review] Nendoroid Petit – Uta no☆Prince-sama♪

  1. Where did you buy them? I’ve been looking where to buy them since forever but I can’t find a place…. Also Quartet Night ones. Idk where to buy them. Can you help me on that? 😓

    1. I bought these from someone who happened to go to a convention in Japan that sold them at the time. They were released in 2012, so you’ll have to look for re-sellers if you want to find this particular set now. But!! There will be a new set of STARISH and Quartet Night Nendoroid Petits. Their official release date hasn’t been announced yet, but when they do, they’ll likely be up for sale on Good Smile Company’s official online shop, so just keep an eye out 🙂

      I hope that helps!

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