May Releases

Hey everyone!

Pre-orders released for May finally get their turn in the spotlight today!

May Pre-orders

The new additions to the family include Akagi from Kantai Collection, Kamikita Komari from Little Busters!, and Yoshino from Date A Live. I actually don’t know anything about any of these three characters, but I absolutely love Akagi’s rice-eating extras and expression, and Komari and Yoshino were both just too cute to pass up…

Both Yoshino and Komari have O_O expressions that I just couldn’t resist (T^T)

May Pre-orders

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated the blog with a new theme! I hope you’ll all enjoy the new layout and the larger pictures! I’ve also set up a new Instagram account @shelflifefigures, for posting fun, silly, every day pictures of me and my toys without having to take out a huge camera. You’ll find more regular updates there, but all reviews and photo shoots will still be found here on my blog.

If you have Instagram, feel free to come like and follow for more Shelf Life fun! Thanks, and I’ll see you again soon~

^ω^)ノ゚Mata ne!


2 thoughts on “May Releases

  1. AHH so lucky! I looked for Yoshino at a recent convention I went to, but since I didn’t find her I took home Pettanko Saber instead. Later I will have to order her. She’s cute and is an adorable character.

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