Happy 2017 ━━★

I know I’m super late, but – Happy New Year everyone!! o(*≧□≦)o In fact, Happy Lunar New Year!

I can’t believe 2016 is already over. First of all, apologies to all my followers. Sorry for being away for so long (。•́︿•̀。) Unfortunately, this blog had not been one of my priorities last year, but I’m ready to change all that this year!

So to kick off the new year and to jump-start my blog again, I thought I’d share an update on my collection so far as of January, 2017.

The Collection

Even though I haven’t posted to Shelf Life in over a year, I’m still collecting Nendoroids, and my collection continues to grow every month. In fact, I’m currently at 248 Nendoroids and counting (・□・;)If you’d like to see which ones I have in my collection, you can visit my MFC profile.

Ta-da!! Here is my entire collection~~

Lights On!Lights Off!

Gah, I didn’t realize the light for one of the displays went out.

Currently on Display

One of things I love about my set up is, of course, the level for displaying and showing off some of my figures. Here’s a closer look at what I have up at the moment.


I finally got the last two brothers in December, and I just had to display all six of them together. Japanese-themed furniture fit very nicely with them!

Osomatsu-san DisplayOsomatsuKaramatsuChoromatsuIchimatsuJyushimatsuTodomatsu

Insane Black★Rock Shooter

Insane Black★Rock Shooter was one of my first Wonder Festival figures. It took me this long to finally unbox and display her! I’m glad I decided to though as she is pretty awesome.

Insane Black Rock Shooter DisplayInsane Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid


There was a time that I played a lot of Kantai Collection, which led to a lot of Kancolle Nendoroids. Since they’ve released both ally and enemy Abyssal ships, I decided to display them in combat ╭( `^´)و

Kancolle DisplayKancolle FleetKancolle Abyssal Enemy FleetAkagi NendoroidKaga NendoroidYamato NendoroidKitakami NendoroidShimakaze NendoroidWo-Class Carrier NendoroidNorthern Princess NendoroidRe-Class Battleship Nendoroid

Touken Ranbu

Although I never got into Touken Ranbu as much as I did Kancolle, I do love the character designs from this game, which can only mean… collecting and displaying all of these beautiful swords (*≧▽≦)

Touken Ranbu DisplayMikazuki Munechika NendoroidIchigo Hitofuri NendoroidKogitsunemaru NendoroidShokudaikiri Mitsutada NendoroidTsurumaru Kuninaga NendoroidHeshikiri Hasebe NendoroidKashuu Kiyomitsu Nendoroid


Last, but not least, I have Red and Green with their partners Charizard and Venusaur, which are figures from the D-Arts line. I’m personally not a fan of visible joints, but the Pokemon just look so awesome next to their trainers that I can look past it.

Pokemon DisplayRed NendoroidGreen NendoroidPokemon Nendoroids

And that’s what my collection looks like at this moment! If you’ve read my previous post about my shelves, you’ll notice that the ‘photoshoot area’ has now become our living room and entertainment area. I figured that this way, more people would be able to enjoy my collection when they visit. (๑>ᴗ<๑) The TV will also work wonderfully for displaying different colours and backgrounds for future posts and reviews.

Shelf Life Bookshelves

Anyway, that wraps it up for today. How big are your collections, and how do you all store and display them? Feel free to post and share your comments below!

Thanks for reading! And see you all again soon.

・∀・)ノ Mata ne~


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