[Review] Nendoroid 219 – Taneshima Popura

「Irasshaimase~ Welcome to Wagnaria~!」

Hellooo! Today we’ll be taking a look at Nendoroid 219: Taneshima Popura!! She is one of the main waitresses of Wagnaria, so it’s only appropriate to have the Wagnaria playsets in the background. Let’s begin!

Here is her box! I really like the checkered pattern and the lace details. It reminds me of the tablecloths and aprons that can be found in family restaurants.

And this is her blister! Besides her main body, Popura comes with 2 extra faces, tons of extra arms, a bent leg, and some accessories. Her ponytail alone takes up almost a quarter of the box!  (°◇°;)  Some of the arms don’t have a sleeve because the main arms can actually be separated from the sleeves for use with these extra ones.

Popura comes with 2 different bases for her stand. She has the standard square base that most Nendoroids today are released with. She relies on a peg style arm that inserts into her back to keep her up. She also comes with the M style base that makes it a bit easier to display her in the playset. I don’t think it’s actually that great since it takes up quite a bit of space behind Popura. Space is already pretty limited in the playset from all the furniture, so I found it a bit hard to place her even with this smaller stand.

Anyway, let’s take a look at her parts in closer detail.

Here is our adorable little Popura-chan~ out of the box with her ponytail on!

As you can see.. her ponytail is almost as high as her! Since the stand goes into the centre of her back, her ponytail has to stay at the side most of the time. It’s also a but frustrating sometimes because her hair would get in the way. I found it knocking over a lot of stuff when I was trying to put her in the playset (>△<)

Like most extra hair parts, her ponytail is attached using a regular Nendoroid ball joint which allows rotation and movement along one axis.

This is the waitress uniform for Wagnaria. It’s simple, but I still think the apron was sculpted very nicely. The frills and the bows look very cute! The bottom dark blue skirt can actually be separated from the apron. There’s a tiny bump of extra material on her collar, but other than that, I didn’t seem to find anything wrong with my Popura in terms of quality.

These are the accessories that Popura comes with! We have a Wagnaria menu, a stool, and a serving tray with 2 glasses of water. A stool is provided since Popura is short and often needs help reaching high places. She refuses to admit that she is short though!

There is a special arm (4th one down in the blister) for holding the menu. There’s actually a peg behind the menu that you use to slot into her arm.

Using her bent arm (1st one down in the blister), she can hold the serving tray! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the glasses are removable, so you can use them in your playset as drinks for your customers! Too bad with the pegs sticking out of the serving tray, it will be hard to use with other items like our parfait and coffee from the playsets themselves.

My favourite face for Popura has to be this one! It’s just soooo cute (*A*) With her bent arms (2nd and 3rd one down in the blister), she looks like she’s complaining while she’s shaking her fists. Heck, with any arms, she looks like she’s upset! In a very cute way. Don’t you just want to pet her and help her out? (;° A°)

「Nani kore? Why did I come with a stool? I’m not short!」

She also comes with an arm with a pointing finger (5th one down in blister)! Not really sure what to use it for at this point, but it’s always nice to see different hand gestures.

And this her third face. Also very cute! I remember her having these eyes in a lot of expressions throughout the series, but the one I remember most is for…

…the Popura army from the OP of the first season. Using the two extra arms (last 2 in the blister), you can recreate the famous pose from the OP of marching Popuras.

As soon as I saw the bent leg, I thought about Popura lifting her leg to stretch higher than she can reach, so here she is! As you have seen, Popura is very poseable, and you can mix and match her arms for lots of interesting poses.

Something I found that was interesting about this Nendoroid was her joints. As you can see above, the tip of the peg is actually thicker than the base. This makes her joints “snap” in more than other Nendoroids that I’ve owned. This also makes me worry about loosening the hole for her joints though, especially from constantly changing her parts.

Speaking of loose joints, I really dislike the arm for her stand, even though I love the rest of this Nendoroid. The part that plugs into Popura’s back is actually attached to the arm. On previous Nendoroids that I’ve owned, this part is usually removable, and it is with this removable part that you can rotate your figure with. In Popura’s case, you have to turn the peg that’s actually in her back to adjust her, which I think might cause it to loosen in the long term. Oh well, I can only hope that it won’t happen!

Well, that concludes my review of Nendoroid Taneshima Popura! I think she has been shrunk down to Nendoroid-size perfectly! It suits her so well, and she is just adorable~(-^▽^-)She has lots of parts to play with, and with the playsets, Inami, and Yamada as well to go with her, I think she would be wonderful addition to any collection~!

「Thank you for visiting! Please come again~」

・▽・)ノ~~ Mata ne! See you next time!


3 thoughts on “[Review] Nendoroid 219 – Taneshima Popura

  1. Wow such a cutie! I love how she has so many hand gestures to choose from and I totally agree, her upset expression is literally to die for! LOL

    Anyway, do you have Yune in your Nendo collection? I just got Mirai a week ago after admiring Nendos for a while and is thinking to get Yune for my next Nendo.. What do you think?

    1. Another victim of Nendoroids..! (;° ロ°)

      I do have Yune actually, but I think it really depends on what you like in your Nendos. I didn’t really follow Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth, so she wasn’t a must-have character for me.. but I did really like her kimono and umbrella. They are what ultimately sealed the deal for me, since they can be used with other Nendos.

      What kind of Nendoroids do you like? (*´・v・)

      1. Haha I guess I am a victim! I find myself now looking into online references on making simple scale dioramas to photo them in as playsets can be quite pricey!

        I so far love ones that have adorable cute expressions like Mirai, Yune, and such and I dont really follow any anime/manga, I just love to photograph them, and I like dioramas! I’m not so into the tough looking ones like Black Rock Shooter, so I’d love it if they had a Yotsuba nendo for example haha

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