[Review] Sylvanian Families – Cake Set

Good news! (-^▽^-)

I have contacted GSC about my Yamada Aoi nendoroid, and it seems to be a manufacturing problem so they will send me a couple of replacement parts. I’ll be able to review her as soon as I receive them.

Anyway, as for today’s post, I’ll be doing a short review of another Sylvanian Families set – the cake set!

This is the box!~

And here are close-ups of the front and back of the box. The back shows the contents of the box, which we’re going to take a closer look at now.

First, we have the furniture. This set comes with a cake showcase and shelf, a small round table, a rectangular table, and a dome for the round table.

To give you an idea of how big the furniture is, here it is all set up next to Popura-chan and Inami-chan. I think it suits them very well (*´・v・)

And here are the accessories! On the left, we have (from bottom to top) 2 slices each of cheesecake, shortcake, and blueberry cake, 2 cream puffs (choux cream), 2 mont blancs, 2 slices of roll cake, a log cake (bûche de noël), a fruit tart, a box of baked goods, a tray and a tongs!

On the right, we have some foldable accessories like the menu and take-out boxes. There are also cardboard cake sheets for the log and tart, as well as smaller sticker cake sheets for the individual slices of cake. I’ve decided not to use any of the stickers or boxes since I want to use the cakes with Wagnaria, so you won’t be seeing them in the rest of the review, sorry!

Here’s a close-up of the goodies!~

I happen to have a cream puff by RE-MENT, so I thought I’d compare their sizes to show you the difference between RE-MENT miniatures and the Sylvanian Families miniatures. The RE-MENT cream puff (on the left) is a lot more detailed and realistic than the one from this set (on the right). I really love the level of quality and detail from RE-MENT, but as you can see, it is noticeably bigger, making it a bit harder to match with Nendoroids.

Anyway, here’s the showcase fully stocked with all our cakes and pastries! Makes me want to go to a bakery now.. *drool*

「Irrashaimase~~ Welcome!」

Annnd, here’s the complete set with our two waitresses! Overall, I think this set is a great playset addition for Nendoroids. Again, the size is just right, and it comes with lots of accessories. The cakes will be perfect for serving at Wagnaria. I only wish it came with some plates~!

Well, that’s all for this set! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

・ v ・)ノ~~ I’ll see you all again next time! Mata ne~


9 thoughts on “[Review] Sylvanian Families – Cake Set

    1. I get my Sylvanian Families sets directly from Japanese retailers. I got this particular set from AmiAmi, which is also where I order most of my Nendoroids. Hope that helps(^-^)

    1. Haha, thanks for the suggestions! Actually I’ve been eyeing the Lunch set for a while, but amiami has unfortunately sold out of it. I will probably end up getting the Dinner set sometime in the near future. I do have the breakfast set though! Just waiting to find some time to review that soon~

      The set is quite awesome, so if you ever do find the extra cash to spare, I’d definitely recommend it. (^▽^)

  1. I have the dinner set myself, and frankly I don’t even know why I bought them in the first place haha. I only have 5 Nendoroid at the moment, and whatever cash I have to spare, I spent them on figma instead. >_>

    Sylvanian stuff don’t always match figma sizes… but the cutlery in the dinner set actually works well together with figma. Except for my case, I don’t have a restaurant theme going – so it is quite pointless. orz. Yep, go get the dinner set for your Wagnaria set, or heck, buy every other Sylvanian product from the restaurant set. I want to see your collection expand! XD

    1. Hehe, that’s why I said extra spare cash ( ・v・)

      And yeah, Sylvanian Families works rather well with Nendoroids, probably because the Sylvanian figures share similar size features. Nendoroids aren’t proportional anyway, so items being out of scale don’t look out of place. I can tell right away that Sylvanian furniture will probably not work with figmas because of the lack of height but the accessories as well? That’s unfortunate to hear (・へ・ )

      I’m always on the lookout for miniatures to expand my collection, but I’m also very picky. Sylvanian stuff is awesome for size, but I’m not particularly fond of the furniture style. I wish they’d start making more modern looking stuff as well~ Not sure how long my wallet would be able to withstand that though!

      1. You got me wrong, the little accessories like the cutlery, plates and food dishes can work well together with figma. But I don’t need those many plates anyway, so it was really random why I even bought the dinner set for myself in the first place. =P

        If you get those new Sylvanian stuff, you got to take photos of them with your lovely Nendoroid collection! People like me will love to see them together hehe

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