[Review] Sylvanian Families – Refrigerator Set

The review for Yamada Aoi’s nendoroid was supposed to be next.. but unfortunately, there were several problems with her, including problems with her back that wouldn’t allow me to keep her up by herself at all using any kind of stand(>д<) So, until I get this sorted out.. let’s take a look at another aspect of my collecting hobby… miniatures!

I’ve always thought miniatures were really cute yet detailed, especially ones produced by Japanese company RE-MENT, but I never really wanted to collect any. Once I got a hold of my first Nendoroid playsets, however, this mentality soon changed. Pictures of other Nendoroids and accessories all over the Internet were also partly to blame.

Sooo.. I started buying some RE-MENT stuff, and I recently came across a series of animal dolls called Sylvanian Families. RE-MENT miniatures are actually too big for Nendoroids in general, but I think that the accessories made for Sylvanian Families are just about right. RE-MENT is known for their level of quality and detail in their miniatures since they are meant for collecting. Sylvanian Families acessories on the other hand have less detail as they are meant as dollhouse furniture and accessories.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Today I’m going to open my first Sylvanian Families set, the refrigerator set! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Here’s the box~!

And here are 3 sides of the box showing the contents.

So this set comes with a fridge, some vegetables, some other products, a sticker sheet, and cutouts for cardboard boxed products that aren’t pictured here.

Here is a size comparison of the fridge next to Popura-chan. As you can see, it’s actually a very good size.

The inside of the fridge. The bottom opens up as a drawer for the freezer, and the top opens up like a regular fridge door. The fridge has one shelf, a shelf on the door, and a rack of eggs that are not removable unfortunately.

A close-up of the accessories! We have a basket in which you can put the broccoli, carrot, and yellow pepper. We also have  a tub of yogurt, two tubs of ice cream, a carton of milk, and a bottle of ketchup. These come with a sticker sheet to stick on the labels which I forgot to take a close-up of >_<

Here are the accessories with the stickers on. On the bottom is the cardboard cutouts for putting together some other boxed products like a carton of orange juice, and a box of pudding.

I actually didn’t look at the contents of the set very carefully, so I was very surprised to find that it came with 6 boxes to fold and put together! We have cheese, orange juice, pudding, a chocolate ice cream popsicle, butter, and a pack of ice cream. I think the pack of ice cream is actually for the two smaller tubs of ice cream earlier. They also fit inside the box quite nicely, although it wouldn’t fit 6 of them as the box advertises.

「Where’s Satou-san? He needs to prepare the vegetables~」


「Huhu~ Look what I found in the freezer.」

To give you an idea of how big these accessories are, here’s Popura in the kitchen with the vegetables and the largest box of ice cream. I think they match perfectly!

Finally! The shelves of Wagnaria are finally stocked with food and goodies! \( ^∀^)/ The ketchup bottle, milk carton, and orange juice are just a bit too tall to fit vertically in the shelf though. And I guess dairy/frozen treats shouldn’t be left here… but oh well!

And lastly, here’s the original fridge itself full of food. The fridge that came with the Wagnaria playset doesn’t have any shelves, and it’s really shallow so I found it very hard to make it look like a fully stocked fridge like this one. This fridge would be perfect for personal Nendoroid homes though.

I would highly recommend getting this set if you plan on building a kitchen for your Nendoroids! The fridge itself is perfect for that, but all the food and accessories that come with it are what makes this set for me. If you’re looking for produce miniatures for your Nendoroids, then this is one set you won’t be disappointed with.

Anyway, that’s all for this set. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a message!

・▽・)ノ~~ Mata ne! See you again~!


2 thoughts on “[Review] Sylvanian Families – Refrigerator Set

  1. Ohhh! I hope you make more nendo and sylvanian families review. I’m thinking of collecting sylvanian stuff for my nendos too since they’re just the right size for them! Great review! XD

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