December Loots!

Happy New Year everyone!~ (⌒▽⌒)☆

Time to kick start the new year with another loot post!

December 2012 Loot

Here’s (almost) everything I ordered for December! My Madoka Magica Nendoroid Petit Extension Set 2 is still on the way since both Hakase and Sasara are bigger than the average Nendoroid box. Anyway, enough rambling.. let’s take a closer look at what we’ve got~

December Loot - Hakase

First up is Hakase from Nichijou~! Don’t you just love her smile? (◕▽◕)

December Loot - Kusugawa Sasara Valkyrie Ver.

Next is Kusugawa Sasara, Valkyrie Version! I don’t actually know her character or what she’s from, but I’ve loved her armour and wings ever since she was announced! Like many others though, I have to say I’m a little disappointed with how the gold colour came out. Oh well.. she’s still pretty nonetheless.

December Loot - Makise Kurisu Lab Coat Ver.

From the GSC online shop, Makise Kurisu Lab Coat Version has also joined the family~ I actually just finished Steins;Gate last weekend, so I’m extra happy that I got her! Even though I like her casual clothes, the lab coat really does suit her(^ω^)

December Loot - Pirate Hanging Kitty

Other things I got include.. another hanging kitty earphone accessory!! This one’s a pirate… arrrrrrr~

December Loot - BRS Pixtone

I participated in a gift exchange this year on myfigurecollection.. and this BRS Pixtone and postcard are actually from my secret santa, asrttyoxo!! Thank you so much again~~ (-^v^-) Hehe, this post is just filled with happy emoticons…!

Anyway, that’s actually all for my December loot (until my Madoka Magica Petits come in). I’ve already decided what I want to review next… *drum roll* Please look forward to my Nichijou reviews!

Also, I couldn’t help but open up my Kusugawa Sasara, so here are a couple of extra shots I took of her before putting her on my shelf~! Hope you enjoy~~

Kusugawa Sasara #1

Kusugawa Sasara #2

・▽・)ノ~~ See you soon! Mata ne~


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