[Review] Nendoroid 270 – Hakase

Hi everyone~! It’s time for another review (^▽^)

Nichijou Nendoroids

Nichijou Nendoroids!
Hmmmm….but which one do I choose to review first?!  (°Д°  )Ξ(  °Д°)

Nendoroid Hakase Box

Because she has more extra accessories, let’s start with our 8-year-old prodigy scientist, Hakase!

Nendoroid Hakase Box Details

Her box is decorated with the iconic mogura from the series.

Nendoroid Hakase Blister

Hakase’s blister~!
Here is an overview of all of her parts. I think it’s pretty standard. She comes with a total of 3 different facial expressions, an extra set of bangs with nekomimi attached, one full body, a sitting lower body, 4 left arms, 3 right arms, 2 extra hands, and some accessories including a tail, table, cups, a cake roll, a cardboard box, and Sakamoto.

Nendoroid Hakase

Let’s take a closer look.
Here she is right out of the blister! Her default face is a nice big open-mouthed smile (◕▽◕) Even though Nendoroids are supposed to be chibi forms of the original character, it really doesn’t feel like she’s been shrunk at all!

Nendoroid Hakase Left

Hakase’s left side~

Nendoroid Hakase Back

Hakase’s back~ She has really long hair.

Nendoroid Hakase Right

And her right side! She has a cute little bit of hair sticking out on this side of her head. It is attached by a peg and can be removed/rotated.

Nendoroid Hakase Feet

Under her labcoat…
…are her feet! Even though she wears an over-sized lab coat that comes all the way down to the floor, she still has legs! The bottom of her lab coat could have easily been a solid piece, but I’m glad it’s not. I love small details like this.

If you haven’t noticed already, Hakase can actually stand up on her own without support, thanks to her lab coat. It’s great for placing her in playsets and taking pictures with her, but a knock or nudge on the shelf can still tip her over, so you might still want to use her base stand.

Nendoroid Hakase Stand Parts

Hakase’s base stand parts~
Hakase’s stand is a little different from all the other Nendoroids I’ve seen so far. She has the same square base, but there is no regular or magnetic arm. Similar to earlier Nendoroid stands, the support is used to hold her up by the legs, except these ones go all the way around the legs.

Nendoroid Hakase Base

Here is how it looks assembled~

Nendoroid Hakase Base #2

The legs go into the holes like this~ It fits perfectly, with her butt sitting right on the curve and her feet touching the base.

Nendoroid Hakase Base #3

And then you just slot Hakase right back onto her legs! All done~

Nendoroid Hakase XD

Hakase comes with 2 extra faceplates. The first is this super happy expression!

Nendoroid Hakase Sad

And the second is this sad/pouting but still super cute expression. They remind me of manipulating puppy eyes more than sad though.

Nendoroid Hakase Sad Close-up

And if you closer, you’ll see that her cheeks are also puffed out! Makes me want to poke them (>_<)

Nendoroid Hakase Body Joint

( ꒪Д꒪)ノ H-Hakase!!
Hakase’s body can be split into two parts: the upper half and the lower half. The split is slanted and not straight though, which I think is to help with: 1) hiding the seam a little bit from the front, and..

Nendoroid Hakase Body Rotate

..2) allowing Hakase to tilt! A straight split would have only allowed her to turn left and right, but this lets her tilt instead in both directions! But why is tilting better than just turning…?

Nendoroid Hakase Da Nyan

「Hakase da nyan~~」
Because you can recreate this adorable pose from the series! The extra nekomimi bangs, tail, and set of bent arms all come together to form this indescribable bundle of moe (≧∇≦)

Nendoroid Hakase Tail Joint

Here’s the hole in her back that let’s you attach her tail.

Nendoroid Hakase Cake Roll

Looking at some more parts, we have a set of bent arms for Hakase to hold her beloved swiss roll cake! Unfortunately, I think the roll cake is attached to the hand, so it can’t be removed, but all hands can be removed from the arms.

Nendoroid Hakase Peace

v(◕▽◕)v Cheese~!
Speaking of hands, Hakase comes with two peace symbols, one for each hand. I’m using them with her bent arms from the roll cake.

Nendoroid Hakase Bit Sleeve

The last extra arm is this one that’s supposed to be used in conjunction with Nano’s shark hand. It makes it look like her sleeve is being pulled at~

Nendoroid Hakase Sitting

Hakase comes with sitting parts as well. It’s attached by replacing the lower standing half of her body. It’s the same slanted split so you can tilt it in exactly the same way.

Nendoroid Hakase Sitting #2

Her little feet sticking out are so cute!!

Nendoroid Hakase Rock Paper Scissors

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also notice that Hakase comes with all 3 hands for playing rock paper scissors! Hakase and Nano frequently play this, so I think it’s very appropriate.

Nendoroid Hakase Accessories

Hakase’s Accessories!
Lastly, let’s look at all the accessories Hakase comes with. First, we have a low table and 2 cups! The one on the right is Hakase’s mug filled with milk, and the other green tea-filled one is for Nano.

Nendoroid Hakase - Sakamoto

And then we have Sakamoto and the cardboard box that he was found in!

Nendoroid Hakase - Dismantled Sakamoto

( ꒪Д꒪)ノ S-Sakamoto-san!! Not you too…
Sakamoto can be disassembled into 4 pieces. The scarf is removable~ The head is on a ball joint so it can turn and tilt like a Nendoroid Petit’s head, and the tail also has some limited movement. Unfortunately, Sakamoto’s right ear isn’t cut as clean as I’d like it to be. Oh well, manufacturing muck-ups happen, and I’m glad that I didn’t find anything wrong with the Nendoroid itself.

Nendoroid Hakase Bonus Base

Σー(° o °   )ー!!
Oh, and this came as a surprise! Good Smile Company announced earlier that they were giving away one of 3 random special bases to commemorate the 300th Nendoroid for December/January releases, but I had thought they were only included with Nendoroids ordered from the Good Smile Online Shop. It turns out that all Nendoroids released in these 2 months come with one! So this is the one that came with Hakase~

Nendoroid Hakase

Anyway, that concludes my review of Hakase! She is one of the cutest Nendoroids I own, and I definitely recommend picking her up if you don’t have one already. She fits really well with the Japanese Life Playsets, and you can even try recreating the Shinonome Lab from the series!

Rather than reviewing Nano, I might have her and Hakase together for a photoshoot instead, so please look forward it!

・▽・)ノ~~ Mata ne! See you next time!


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