[Review] Nendoroid 184 – Elsie

Hi everyone~ Today — Eh? What is this? (・ヘ・?)

To The God of Conquest

Dear God of Conquest
I’ve heard that you can conquer any woman. On the off-chance that this is true, I have a woman for you. If you have what it takes, then press the “Reply” button.
PS. Don’t press the button if you can’t do it!!
Dokuro Skull

God of Conquest Reply

W-What is this message?
They must’ve sent this to the wrong person… better tell them–

BOO━━━━━━Σヾ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━━━━OOM !!!! 

Nendoroid Elsie Landing Nendoroid Elsie Landing Closeup

S-Someone’s coming from the sky!

Nendoroid Elsie Bow

「Thank you very much for signing the contract, Kami-sama~」
Eh? EH? (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

Nendoroid Elsie Come With Me

「Now then, off we go! To hunt the loose souls~」
EHHHHH~~? Σ( ̄ ̄ ̄Д ̄ ̄ ̄|||)

Nendoroid Elsie Box

And so..
..It’s time to review another Nendoroid! Today’s Nendoroid is by Max Factory. From The World God Only Knows, here is Elysia de Lux Ima (Elsie), who I’ve apparently made a contract with to join the Runaway Spirit Squad (;´Д`)

Nendoroid Elsie Blister

Elsie’s Blister!
Here are all the parts that Elsie comes with. She only comes with a couple of accessories, but she does come with four different expressions! Usually you only get three. There are a also two extra sets of arms and legs.

Nendoroid Elsie Stand

Let’s start with Elsie’s stand. She only comes with one M-shaped stand. I believe this M stand is standard with Nendoroids produced by Max Factory. Unlike with the Wagnaria Nendoroids though, Elsie doesn’t come with an extra square-based one.

Nendoroid Elsie

A closer look~
Here is Elsie straight from the blister! She looks adorable. No noticeable defects so far. The paint job is also pretty standard.

Nendoroid Elsie Left Side

On Elsie’s left side, you can see her skull-shaped spirit sensor! It’s supposed to blink whenever a loose spirit is nearby. If only it could blink for real! To my knowledge, the skull is not removable.

Nendoroid Elsie Back

This is Elsie’s back. Her ponytail is huge~ And she has a cute big bow on her back.

Nendoroid Elsie Right Side

And finally her right side~

Nendoroid Elsie Ponytail

Elsie’s Ponytail
Elsie’s ponytail is just like Popura’s, and it is attached by a standard Nendoroid joint. It can rotate and move along one axis, but as you can see, that space is limited.

Nendoroid Elsie Hagoromo

Her Hagoromo~
Elsie has a translucent pink raiment called the hagoromo that basically gives her extra magical abilities like flying! Here is a close-up~ I think they did a pretty good job with the translucent plastic and with making it look like it’s floating around her (・v・)  Sadly though, it can’t be posed at all, and it does get in the way of posing the rest of Elsie sometimes.

Nendoroid Elsie Hagoromo #2

This is how it stays attached to Elsie. Her head helps keep it in place. The ring around the neck can also serve as the contract collar! The hagoromo can be completely removed as well, if you want.

Let’s see what else Elsie has brought with her to our world..

Nendoroid Elsie Broom

The New-Hell Broom!
Other than the hagoromo, Elsie comes equipped with her trusty magical broom. She also comes with two bent arms and hands to hold the broom with on either side of her.

Nendoroid Elsie Arms

On closer inspection, the bent arms can be separated into three parts (shoulder, arm, and hand) while the default arms can only be separated into two (arm and hand). The bent part can be used on either side, and of course, you can choose to use the open hand or the closed hand with either arm.

Nendoroid Elsie Capture Jar

The Capturing Jar~
Elsie also comes with the jar used to capture the loose spirits! Unfortunately, it can only be held by Elsie’s default right hand.

Nendoroid Elsie Happy

A Happy Expression! (⌒▽⌒)☆
The first extra faceplate is a super happy expression~ I used the two extra bent legs to make her look like she’s jumping for joy!

Nendoroid Elsie Bent Legs

Here’s a close-up of the bent legs. One of them has a slight bent, while the other is bent the normal 90 degrees. You can also refer to this picture from earlier for a clearer distinction.

Nendoroid Elsie Running for Joy

「A FIRE ENGINE~!!」ε=ε=ε=ε=ヽ(*⌒∇⌒)ノ
One of the more unique parts about Elsie is that she comes with these super-fast running legs. You usually only see these on paper, but I think they pulled this off quite nicely! The only problem I found with this is that unless you have her at an angle (tilting forward or backward), her hagoromo does get in the way and prevent Elsie from touching the ground.

Nendoroid Elsie Lower Torso

This is what both the lower torsos looks like! I’m surprised that they even sculpted her belly button even though it’ll never be seen!

Nendoroid Elsie Running Away

Not only does she come with those special legs, but she also comes with super-fast waving arms as well! Here is also her second extra faceplate – a crying expression! Put them together and you get a frantic Elsie! Where are you going Elsie? (゚Д゚)

Nendoroid Elsie Scared

「That’s awful, Kami-sama! That was embarassing!!」
E-Elise, calm down – it’s just a review!

Nendoroid Elsie Scared #2

*WHACK* ☆⌒(>。≪)
…Anyway, you can combine all sorts of parts to create lots of different poses!

Nendoroid Elsie Chibi

And lastly, we have our third and final extra faceplate – the chibi expression! My personal favourite is this one. She just looks so.. oblivious yet happy.

Nendoroid Elsie Chibi #2

And since Elsie can fly, you can definitely also try posing her in mid-air! Just be careful she doesn’t tip over~!

2013-03-08 12.20.23

Here’s Elsie flying on her broom~! I used putty to keep the broom attached to her bum (>▽<)

Overall, Elsie is a lovely Nendoroid with enough parts to keep you busy for a while. Because she can fly, I feel like there are even more possibilities to pose her! I definitely enjoyed playing with her. Her unique waving arms and legs as well as her extra faceplates are also a great addition to any collection, since you can use them for many of your other Nendoroids. The only problems I found with her are that some joints were a little to tight while some were too loose. Other than that, she’s wonderful!

Well that’s it for this review~ Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

^▽^)ノ~ Mata ne! Time to go catch some loose souls~


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