February Loot – More Miniatures!

Hi everyone~ Time for a quick loot update.

Unfortunately, the Ironman Nendoroid (was due February) has been delayed to March, so I don’t have any pre-ordered Nendoroids to show you today. But, I did cave in and buy a bunch of miniatures and sets, which we’ll take a glimpse of right now!

February Loot

Here is everything~! \(^▽^)/
Besides miniatures, I also managed to pick up a few figures as well.

February Loot - Shiina Mayuri

First up, it’s Shiina Mayuri from Steins;Gate! I’ve finally got my hands on her to go with Kurisu.

February Loot - Pokemon Figures

And the other figures I got are these Ichiban Kuji Pokemon prize figures~! I only really wanted Pikachu for a custom project I did, but.. well, the picture speaks for itself.

Now, onto the miniatures!

February Loot - Capsule Machine Model Kit

First, here is a 1/12 scale model kit for capsule/gashapon machines. I also just realized how they will go really well with my newly aquired Mayuri Nendoroid~ I wonder how they’ll scale?

February Loot - Ekinaka Sweets Miniatures

RE-MENT food miniatures are back!!
This is the Ekinaka Sweets set. As soon as I saw these, I just had to get them. They’re probably too big for Nendoroids, but we’ll have to see! Regardless, these desserts are super cute. I’m so glad RE-MENT is starting to produce these agains.

February Loot - Recipes for Happiness Miniatures

Another RE-MENT set! This one’s called Recipes for Happiness. More things to add to my kitchen, awesome! But not as awesome as cakes~

February Loot - Sylvanian Families Sets

And finally, I also got two Sylvanian Families sets. On the left, we have the telephone set, and on the right, a bathroom set! These have already gone into the queue to be reviewed~

Well, that’s it for February! Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment.

・ v ・)ノ~~ See you next time! Mata ne~


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