On the Shelves of Shelf Life

ヾ(^∇^) Hallo~ How’s everyone doing today?

I took some time to dust my shelves and change up some of the figures I have out this week.. and I realized that I never took the time to show you all what I actually have out on display! So today, I’m going to show you all what’s on Shelf Life’s shelves! And hopefully, this will give you some ideas to display figures of your own as well!

Anyway, I live in a small apartment, so I don’t have that much space to show off my toys, unfortunately, but here is what I have to work with: two long wall shelves, a tall CD/DVD tower, and a 4×4 cube shelf.

My Shelves - Wall Shelf Displays

Let’s start with the wall shelves!
I have Kiraru Gakuen One Coin figures on the top shelf, and Madoka Magica Nendoroids on the lower shelf.

My Shelves - One Coin Figures

My Shelves - Shiki

These wall shelves were actually meant as picture ledges, so there’s a raised edge along the front of the shelf. The One Coin figures were too tiny to put on the actual shelf, but they look awesome on the edge!

My Shelves - Wall Shelves #2

They’re (almost) perfect for Nendoroids!
The space on these are enough to fit any Nendoroid stand. Older Nendoroids with the ‘sitting’ stand can rest perfectly on the shelf. Newer stands that use the arm stand will have a bit more trouble, since the arm usually ends up extending past the square base and thus hitting the wall…

My Shelves - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

But you can do what I did! Here are the girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! You can use the arm to make your Nendoroid stand on the raised edge instead. The ledge will also help hide the ugly base.

Anyway, I wanted to try creating poses that weren’t on the box, so I spent a while experimenting with them until I got something I liked. Here are the results! Please enjoy~(^ω^)

My Shelves - Kaname Madoka

Madoka and Kyubei~
She’s as clueless as ever.

My Shelves - Akemi Homura


My Shelves - Sayaka Miki

I love her in this pose.

My Shelves - Sakura Kyouko

Kyouko looking cool with her spear~
Kyouko needs more arm parts!! It was so frustrating working with her since the shoulder and the bent arms don’t separate like Sayaka’s(;へ:)

My Shelves - Tomoe Mami

I only wish she came with more hands to hold her guns with, and more guns.

My Shelves - Charlottes

One of them is looking at Mami…

My Shelves - Anthony and Walpurgis Night

And Anthony’s! Looking fabulous~
I wanted to suspend Walpurgis Night using a suction stand on the bottom of the upper shelf… but it kept falling down (/゚Д゚)/ So be careful if you’re thinking about using suction cups on these! They don’t work.

My Shelves - DVD Tower

Next, the DVD tower!
I have a DVD tower next to the TV that had extra shelf space since I don’t own enough games and DVDs. Naturally, I filled these empty spaces with more figures.

My Shelves - Sebastian and Ciel

Ciel and Sebastian are at the top, looking down on all of us (¬、¬)

My Shelves - Red and Pikachu

Showing off Red and Pikachu~

My Shelves - Krillin

And Krillin!

My Shelves - 4x4 Cube Shelf

Lastly, this 4×4 cube shelf is where most of my collection resides. The top 4 cubes are used for display, complete with spotlights, and the rest for storage. I actually keep the Nendoroids that I have out on display in boxes in the closet since I’ve run out of space.. as you can see, it’s already full again! The new Nendoroids aren’t going to have anywhere to go….(>_<)

My Shelves - Starry Sky Macarons

My Shelves - Starry Sky Macarons #2

Cube #1: Starry Sky Macarons ♡
I’ve had these here since I got the shelf. They’re too cute to get rid of (´Д`)

My Shelves - Nichijou

Cube #2: Nichijou
Hakase and Nano are enjoying themselves at home.

My Shelves - Working!!

My Shelves - Working!! #2

Cube #3: Working!!
Since I’ve done the reviews with the girls from Working!! and the food miniatures, I haven’t been able to put these guys back. I’ve been changing them up every now and then, and most recently, Azusa and Yui have come to visit the restaurant.

My Shelves - Lego

Finally, Cube #4: Medieval Lego Village
This cube is actually for my boyfriend and his (soon-to-be) Lego collection. He didn’t think we could fit the entire village in this cube, but I proved him wrong!

Anyway, that’s all the shelving I have that’s used for displaying my collection. I really don’t know what I’m going to do as more Nendoroids find their way into my possession.. but for now, this is how it is.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection. I also hope that I was able to give you some ideas on how you could go about displaying or posing your own figures. I’m not sure when I’ll be changing up what’s out on display yet, but when I do, I’ll try and do another update!

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

^▽^)ノ~ Mata ne! See you next time~


2 thoughts on “On the Shelves of Shelf Life

  1. Amazing amazing collection! I just placed a back-order on Nendo Hakase due to her irresistible cute-ness! I hope my room will grow with a collection like yours..

  2. Hi! Im also a toy/nendoroid collector and budding amateur photographer. I was also looking for ways maximize display space since I dont want to leave any nendo behind. Thanks for sharing!

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