[Review] 1/12 Scale Capsule Toy Machine


I have another review for you all today~ \(^▽^*)

It’s not a Nendoroid or a Sylvanian Families review.. but a model kit review! This is actually the first time I’ve put together a model kit, so please bear with me!

The kit we’re looking at today is…

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Box Front

The 1/12 Scale Capsule Toy Machine!!
This model kit is by Hasegawa. It’s a snap kit, so no glue is necessary. And each box comes with two machines!

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Box Back

The back of the box has all the instructions. The pictures are pretty straightforward, but there’s also English directions if you need them.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Contents

The contents of the kit!
Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside..

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Toy Sheet

A sheet with different toys and designs for your machine!

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - All Parts

Here are all the plastic parts that come in the set. The set will build two machines and 12 capsules. In addition to the parts, the kit comes with a bag of extra balls for your machines.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Machine Parts

I used a hobby knife to cut out all the different parts. Can you tell how to fit them together?(・◇・)

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Completed Machine

The completed machine~!!

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Completed Machine #2

Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t actually work and dispense capsules. The rotating tray inside is just a piece of plastic.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Dial

And the dial, although turnable, doesn’t do anything either.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Bad Cuts

Because this is a model kit, bits of the frame still remain on all the parts. You’re supposed to sand these down and paint over the kit, but because I am lazy and I don’t really have the resources to paint it nicely.. I’ve left them the way they are.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Capsule Parts

The parts for the capsules!!
Unlike the bag of colourful balls, these parts are for creating balls that actually resemble capsules.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Completed Capsules

Here they are completed! They snap via a peg in the centre, so I can’t actually put anything inside them (´A`。)

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Capsules

Here’s what they look like inside the machine~

Yay! One machine finally complete~ I managed to cut my finger in the process of assembling this one though (;*△*;) Remember to be careful with knives!

Let’s take a closer look at the machine, shall we?

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Front

The front of the machine~

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Left

The left side. Eww look at the ugly cuts…

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Back

The back! More ugly cutting..

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Right

And finally the right side.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - 4 Machines!

All four machines! (^v^)
It took a little while, but here are all four machines from two kits.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Connectors

They come with these little connectors so that you can hold them all together in place.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Connected Machines

There are little pegs on the back and on the bottom for the connectors.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - How to Stack

Like the front of the box, you can also display them stacked on top of each other. To do this, you remove the top of one of them and the bottom of another.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Stacked

Then you just put the one without the bottom on the one without the top!

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Toy Choices

Toy Design Sheets!
Let’s add the final touches. We need to specify what’s actually inside the capsule toy machines! You can use the sheet that came with the kit or you can print off your own.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Filled Machines

Since each kit only comes with 12 capsules, you can also use the coloured balls to make your machines look fuller.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Complete!

COMPLETE! ヽ(^▽^)ノ
Ahhh they look so cute!! The kits were also really easy to put together, and even without paint, they look just fine the way they are.

Since I bought these to use with my Nendoroids, let’s see how well these actually scale against them.

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Nendoroid Comparison

Here is Mayuri standing next to our machines! Nendoroids are chibi to begin with so the machines look a little big…

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Nendoroid Comparison #2

…but the capsules are the right size! In fact, they might even look a little small. Overall, Nendoroid accessories are usually a little big anyways, so I think these machines work just fine with them~

Here’s a little scene from Steins;Gate to give you a better idea about how well they fit in~!

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate #1

Mayuri:「There aren’t many left of this series, and Mayushii’s out of 100 yen coins!」

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate #2

Okabe:「Don’t act so spoiled, Mayuri. Even though I’ve known you since we were kids, I’m not lending you any money.」

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate #3

Okabe:「Let me teach you how harsh life can be…」

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate #4

Okabe:「What’s this? It’s not even painted?」
「M-Metal! It’s a metal upa!」
「Is it rare?」
「Unn~ very!」

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate #5

Okabe:「Then, you can have it.」
「Are you sure, Okarin?」
「It’s Hououin Kyouma.」
「Thanks, Okarin~」

1/12 Capsule Toy Machine - Steins;Gate

And that’s all for my review! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I did preparing it! I only wish I had more so I can create an entire wall of them, just like you see in anime/Japan! Anyway, I personally really like this model kit, and the resulting machines make great accessories for my Nendoroids. What does everyone else think?

(◕▽◕)ノ~~  See you next time! Mata ne!


4 thoughts on “[Review] 1/12 Scale Capsule Toy Machine

  1. They are not on my must-have list, but I still want these too! Were they expensive?

    I will probably get 2 sets of them, just like you. But when you mention creating a wall, maybe I should get 4 sets instead? haha =P

    How many designs of the toy capsule sheets are there? I think I saw 30+ sheets that were provided.

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