June Loot

(⌒▽⌒)☆ Another quick update, since most of my June releases have come in!

It’s only missing Rin and Wooser, since I’m waiting to combine them with some July releases.. and Snow Miku has been delayed to July and now August!! I hope she doesn’t get any more delays (´A`。)

June Loot 2013

Anyway, here’s what came in for the month of June!

June Loot - Blastoise

From the D-arts Pokemon line, Blastoise has come to join Charizard and Mewtwo! Only Venusaur is left to complete the starter line up.

June Loot - Minami Kana

Nendoroid Minami Kana~!
I watched Minami-ke a loooong time ago, and since I have Chiaki, I thought it was appropriate to pick up her sisters as well. I’m a little disappointed by Kana though. She was a little pricier than regular Nendoroids, but she didn’t come with anything special. She’s also missing her signature teardrop-shaped mouth!

Minami Kana

Boo, oh well.

June Loot - Miyako

Next is Miyako!
She comes with lots of interesting parts and accessories to play with. It sucks that she’s post-300 and Yuno (from the same series) is pre-300. That means Yuno has the old Nendoroid box design, and Miyako has the new one. I wish Good Smile hadn’t done that to Nendoroids of the same series.. ( ´△`)

June Loot - Idolm@ster Live Stage Petits

From the last winter Wonder Festival~
The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Live stage set! I really only bought this for the stage.. but I guess the Petits are cute too.

June Loot - Danboard Mini

I also got a mini Danboard~!
He’s about the size of a Nendoroid. I wonder if I can get my Nendoroids to look like they’re dressing up as Danbo?

June Loot - UtaPri Straps

And lastly.. Uta Pri Shining All Star straps!
They were just too cute to pass up.. (⌒_⌒;)

And that’s all I got for June~ Did you guys pre-order anything last month?

^▽^)ノ~ See you next time~ Mata ne!


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