[Review] Nendoroid 285 – Ultimate Madoka

( ゚▽゚)/ Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since her release, but it would be a waste not to show her off! So today, I’ll be reviewing Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka, or Madokami, from the series Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica~!

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Box

Here’s the front of her box~
It’s decorated with magical symbols and purple/pink universeness!

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Box Compare

Gah~ (°◇°;) Her box is huge!!
That’s her box compared to School Uniform Madoka, which is the size of a typical Nendoroid.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Blister

And the blister
You can see why the box was so big now.. her hair and dress are so impressive~
Unfortunately, she doesn’t come with that much more in terms of accessories and extra parts. She has two wings, two versions of her bow, an arrow, a bent arm to hold her arrow, a determined face, clasped hands and arms, two different shoulder parts, and a hand to hold her bow with.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Stands

Ultimate Madoka uses the standard square based stand, and she comes with two arms as well as an extra magical circle attachment.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Stand Use

There are two places that you can attach the stands into Ultimate Madoka. The first is in her hair, which will only work with the long arm.
Be careful though! Because of how heavy Madokami is, you may have to tighten the joints on the arms to keep her up. Otherwise, she might start collapsing on you, and that won’t be pretty ( ノД\ )゚

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Dress Stand Use

There is also a hole at the bottom of her dress. You can use either the short or the long arm with this.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Dress Stand Use #2

The magical circle just attaches to the arm between the bit that attaches to the figure and the arm.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Front

Out of the box!
She’s so pretty (*∇*) Her dress is a pearl white with pearl pink accents and red gems. She has matching white bows, pink stockings and little white shoes with wings attached to them. The inside of her dress is painted a dark purple and white accents to look like the void universe.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Left

This is Madokami’s left side. You can get an idea of how large her dress and hair really are by comparing with her base.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Back

Her back shows how her hair flows out~!

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Right

And lastly, her right side~

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Joints

Can you tell which parts have been moved? (*゚O゚)
Madokami can be moved and posed pretty much like any other Nendoroid. There are joints in her pigtails, her neck, hip, and legs. Her dress is one piece unfortunately, so you can’t turn her dress at her hips, even though you can turn her lower body underneath it. Her arms can be rotated at the shoulder, the sleeve cutoff, and at the wrist. Oh, and the ribbons in her hair are also removable, so you can use them with your other Nendoroids.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Wings

Madokami’s wings!
Ultimate Madoka comes with two translucent wings that are attached to her hair instead of her back. They are attached via a ball peg, allowing a bit of movement.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Wing Attachment

Here’s what it looks like when they’re attached! I know a lot of people were struggling to put her wings on because of the awkward angle and limited space, but I found that it was only really difficult if the peg doesn’t go in with minimal force!
A tip when changing ANY figure part: warm up the hole/joint slightly with a hairdryer (be careful not to melt your figure). It will make your life much easier when trying to plug in a joint that doesn’t quite fit or to avoid breaking joints when taking apart parts.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - With Wings

Anyway, here is what Madokami looks like with her wings on from the front. It’s good that you can’t tell they’re actually attached to her head.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Back with Wings

Here are her wings from the back.. They look amazing! I also found that they didn’t really get in the way of posing her at all because of where they are.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Side with WingsHere’s one final shot at an angle from the side. Her hair on the side does a nice job of covering up where it’s actually attached. The wings look just like they’re floating behind her back~~(^v^)

Let’s move on to her extra parts.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Clasped Hands

Clasping hands~~
Ultimate Madoka comes with a pair of clasped hands as well as bent arms and shoulders to look like she’s praying. She looks so peaceful~~ (‐^▽^‐)If only she also came with an expression with closed eyes too!

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka

The shoulders, bent arm, and hands can all come apart, so you can use the bent arms for a variety of other poses as well.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Reaching

「Let’s go together~」
Madokami comes with two extra shoulder parts. The first one is this one! It lets her put her arm out in front of her.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Reaching #2

Here’s what it looks like from the side.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Arm Out

The second shoulder part lets her hold her arm out to the side. As you can guess, this part is mainly used for holding her bow out, but we’ll get to that.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Weapons

Madokami’s weapon of choice – the Ultimate Bow!
Madokami comes with a staff (bottom) and a bow (top)! The staff is what her weapon looks like initially, but it turns into the Ultimate Bow after she powers up!

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Staff

Ultimate Madoka is summoning her staff!!
She comes with a little fist to hold the staff or bow with, and each part of the weapon slots into either the left or the right of the fist. She also comes with a determined expression, making her look very serious~

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Scale Figure Pose

She’s ready to shoot! ( `ヘ´)
With the last few extra parts, the bent arm and the arrow, you can recreate the 1/8 scale version of her where she readies her arrow with her Ultimate Bow! I only wish the lower half of her body can also turn to face forwards.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Scale Figure Pose #2

Here’s a side shot so you can see her body and her arms.

Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - Scale Figure Pose #3

And one from the back as well, showing off her dress~

Of course, this isn’t all you can do with her. The fact that her arms can be separated into 3 parts (shoulder, arm, and hand), allows Madokami to take on more poses than you’d expect. Her bulky hair and dress are the only things that really limit what you can do with her. Because of her hair, her head does get heavy, and if you have a looser joint, there’s a chance her head will constantly fall backwards. I think that’s why you can also pose her with the stand in her hair, to keep her head in place.

Overall, I didn’t really have many problems with my Ultimate Madoka Nendoroid either with the product or with posing her. I didn’t find any noticeable flaws in the sculpt or the paintwork. She is a little lacking in optional parts though. Some joints were tight, including the wings, but a hairdryer was more than enough to fix them. The figure is pretty big and heavy, and the only thing I’m afraid of is her falling over when I’m using the stand with her dress. Other than that, she’s a really nice figure, and it definitely shows through her presence. I think anyone who’s a fan of hers definitely won’t be disappointed~ She’ll look stunning as a part of any collection!

Anyway, that’s all for today!

( ・ω・ )ノ See you next time! Mata ne~


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