[Review] Sylvanian Families – Relaxing Family Garden

Hi everyone~ (;^▽^)/

I was away for vacation last month, but I’m back today with another review! I know it has been a while since my last miniatures review, so I’ll be looking at the Relaxing Family Garden set from the Sylvanian Families series this time.

And here’s the box!
Rather than smaller accessories, this set comes with more pieces of furniture, making this set pretty large compared to the previous sets I’ve reviewed.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set

The set includes four lattice fence, two baskets of ivy and two baskets of mini roses that hook onto the fence, a postal box, a potted plant with white flowers, a bench, a bunny-shaped topiary, a tree, a flower bed with gerbera daisies, two pots of tulips, a watering can, gardening tools, and four bushes.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set Contents

You also get to make a newspaper, magazine, and postcards for use with the postal box.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Papercrafts

As toys for children, it always amazes me how much detail is put into the Sylvanian Families series.
Here are some of the things I particularly liked.

First, all the flowers can be removed and rearranged however you like. The tree can also be removed from its base.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Flowers

There’s an opening on the front of the postal box for you to slot mail into it, and you can also open it from the back to retrieve them.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Birdhouse

And lastly, the gardening scissors actually open and close! (・◇・)

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Garden Scissors

Let’s see how this set scales with Nendoroids!
I have Sakai Wakana visiting the garden today with her cat, Dora.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

As expected, the set works really well with Nendoroids since Sylvanian Families figures are about the same size. The bench does look a little too high though, but as you’ll see in a bit, it still works.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

Wakana is going to tend the garden~
As for the smaller accessories, the watering can is noticeably too big.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

The gardening tools, however, work quite nicely. I’m not sure if you can see, but she’s holding the trowel in her left hand.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

A tulip for you (‐^▽^‐)
One of the first things I noticed when I removed the flowers was that their stems would be perfect for Nendoroids to hold. In fact, a lot of Nendoroids come with accessories and hands/arms that you can just slot the flower into.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

The tree is a little small, but I don’t think it was meant to be one of those big trees anyway. Maybe it can be a tree bush?

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

And finally, here’s Wakana sitting on the bench. I think it actually looks pretty normal thanks to Nendoroids being disproportionate to begin with.

Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

Overall, I think the set is pretty nice. The paint-job was mostly okay, except for some flowers that had colour bleed onto other parts. One of the complaints I had with Sylvanian Families is the country style of their furniture, but I’m okay with that in this set for the outdoors. The set comes with a lot of flowers, plants, and pottery that will look great in the background. If you’re looking to create your own garden or park, then this is one of the sets that will definitely get you started. I personally don’t think this set is a must-have, but it was still fun to play with.

So what do you guys think of this set? Feel free to leave your comments or questions below!

That’s all for my review today, but I hope you’ll join me again next time!

「Aoi sora no shita de~」♪
Sylvanian Families Garden Set - Sakai Wakana

・‿・)ノ~~ Until then! Mata ne~


8 thoughts on “[Review] Sylvanian Families – Relaxing Family Garden

  1. OMG! i found this by accident and it’s the best thing i found…been collecting lots of nendoroid and looking for the extra stuff for them…thank you for introducing me to this whole new world!

  2. I want to buy my first Nendoroid (okay, two of them ^^) and looking for stuff and backgrounds for them. Thank you for the pictures, I like them and they are an inspiration for me.

    1. Oh – I’ve bought 3 Nendos: Wakana is so cute, she’s the third 😀 And I’ve bought a Cu-Poche-figure ^^ And I am forming currently nice at home for them. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

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