A New Home

Hisashiburi desu~ Long time no see everyone!

Sorry for being away for so long. It’s been a busy yet eventful past 2 months though! But the big news is.. I’ve moved!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I moved into a bigger place so I could have more room for my growing collection~! Now that I’ve more or less settled in and have my new shelving built, I thought I’d share a quick update to show you my new set up!

So let’s begin~ (^∇^)ノ


Previously, I had only one 4×4 EXPEDIT shelf from IKEA for displaying as well as storing my Nendoroids, among other things. I ran out of space so quickly that most of my collection ended up in plastic totes ( ≧Д≦)

My Shelves - 4x4 Cube Shelf

When we got the chance to move, I definitely wanted more shelving, and I also wanted a small space for photoshoots as well!


So with the new space (I’m a dummy and didn’t take pictures of the actual room >_<), I was able to fit in three wide BILLY bookcases and one narrow BILLY bookcase for the corner. For the photoshoot space, I got BESTA shelving with doors for storage on the wall and an expandable table. All items were from IKEA except for the table.

It was a perfect fit!! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
Lots of planning was done on Sketchup, but still, everything came together even better than I thought it would.

New Shelving

Here are a couple more shots of the set up.

The photoshoot area.

New Shelving - Table

The corner shelves.

New Shelving - Corner

Time to fill the shelves~
I decided to leave one level on each of the bookcases as a display shelf. And…

They’re all almost full already!!!! (((╹д╹;)))

New Shelving - With Toys

Sigh, I’m going to have to expand again soon (;*△*;)

One of the reasons for choosing these bookcases is because you can attach glass doors to them to keep dust out since that was one of the biggest issues I had with my EXPEDIT. The last touch was to add lighting for the display level.

Here is the entire set up with doors, lighting, and all! I used the OXBERG glass doors and installed STOTTA LED spotlights onto the shelf.

New Shelving - With Doors and Lighting

Here’s what the lights look like with the room lights off. The lights actually turned out really nicely as well. They are unfortunately battery operated, but it does save me from working with wires and having to route and hide them. I use mine with rechargeable batteries.

New Shelving - With Doors and Lighting, Dark

Danboard and mini Danboard are testing the spotlights for me, but I can’t wait to start setting up my favourite Nendoroids ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ )

New Shelving - Display Example

Anyway, that’s all for today. Even though I haven’t been able to update, my pre-order releases have still been coming in, so a mega loot post is incoming. Thanks for reading!

☌ᴗ☌) See you again soon! Mata ne~


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