[Review] Nendoroid 461 – Hinata Shoyo

˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰ Hi everyone~!

I’m finally back with another review! And I’m super excited to share it with everyone today~

Today’s main character is the cheerful Hinata Shoyo from the volleyball anime, Haikyuu!!.

The Box

Hinata comes in a standard-sized Nendoroid box. Instead of a glossy finish like most, however, the box is actually matte with some small glossy volleyballs printed on. They’re hard to capture, unfortunately, but you can see part of one on the bottom left of the picture of Hinata on the front of the box.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Box Front

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Box Back

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Box Side

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Box Side

Parts Overview

Dressed in his team uniform, Hinata comes with a total of three different faceplates, a variety of straight and bent arms for various volleyball poses, two bent arms with fists, two bent legs, a volleyball, and half of a volleyball net.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Blister

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Blister

The Stand

Hinata also comes with a special stand!

Hinata uses a regular arm to attach to the unique base, which is extra-long and is printed with a portion of a volleyball court. There is a special arm for the volleyball as well, to display it flying in the air. The net part of the volleyball net is kept with the stand, and as always, there is also a spare neck joint.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Stands

The Figure

Here is Hinata!! Let’s take a closer look~ (。^ω^。)

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Front

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Side

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Back

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Side

Hinata comes in his Karasuno volleyball team uniform, number 10. He has a default happy expression and comes with standard straight arms and legs with kneepads. Hinata has all the typical Nendoroid joints with the exception of his waist joint, which comes as an elbow joint (the same as the ones used for a typical Nendoroid’s neck and legs) instead of just a peg and hole. This joint will become useful in posing Hinata arching back for his spikes!

Optional Parts

Let’s take a look at all the optional parts now and see what kind of cool poses we can set up with Hinata ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

First up, volleyball accessories~

Haikyuu!! is all about volleyball, so of course it makes sense to include volleyball accessories. Hinata comes with half a volleyball net and a volleyball in addition to the volleyball court base.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Net

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Net

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Volleyball

Running up for a spike!

The arm for the volleyball has three joints, so it is possible to place the ball almost wherever you want it to go.

Here’s Hinata running up the court towards the net using just the default arms and legs. One of his extra faceplates is this confident expression. It makes him look super pumped and focused on the game.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Running

Hinata does not come with any hands made specifically to hold the volleyball with, but it is still possible for him to hold it with two bent arms together, although not very securely.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Holding Volleyball

Ready to serve!

Of course, you can always use the arm for the volleyball to place the ball into his hands. You can rearrange parts of the arm to shorten or extend it as you need.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Serve

「Send me a toss!」

Hinata’s specialty is his jump, stamina, and speed, so a lot of the parts that come with him are to recreate his favourite move, the spike!

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Spike

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Spike

「One more time!」

Mix and match different parts for different spikes~

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Spike

Hinata comes with a special straight arm to show him right after spiking the ball.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Spike

Success! (و•̀ㅂ•́)و

Hinata also comes with two bent arms with fists for celebrating.

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Win

Victory! (و(≧∇≦و

The last faceplate is a super happy expression with closed eyes and a huge smile. It suits the happy and energetic Hinata perfectly!

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Happy

Victory!! و(≧∇≦)٩

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Very Happy

Victory!!! ✧*。٩(≧∇≦)۶✧*。

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Super Happy

With a bent arm, you can also create a slightly embarrassed Hinata~ He’s too adorable!!

Nendoroid Hinata Shoyo - Embarrassed

Final Thoughts

Hinata Shoyo was the first Nendoroid released from the series Haikyuu!!, and Good Smile Company has done a great job at capturing his energy and cheerfulness. If you look carefully, his uniform retains a great amount of detail, including the ics logo and the name of their high school, 烏野 (karasuno) as well as the tiny shoelaces on his shoes. Unfortunately, the 10 on the back of the jersey is hard to see because of the stand, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Overall, I think he comes with a decent amount of extras. The net and court are nice additions. I wouldn’t say there’s anything spectacular about this set if you’re not into volleyball, but there’s definitely enough for a good variety of poses. With that said, however, if you are a fan of the series, then Hinata will definitely brighten up your day with his smile. Personally, I love posing him in the air, ready for an attack, and I can’t wait to display him with Kageyama and any future releases from the series. Maybe even one day, we’ll be able to complete a full volleyball court and have an exciting 6 vs 6 match! (≧∪≦*)

Well, that concludes my review for today! Does anyone else have this little ray of sunshine? Feel free to share what you think below, and thanks for reading!

ᴖ◡ᴖ)/ See you again soon! Jaa ne~


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