[Project] MUNNY

( ^∇^)/ Hi everyone! Today, we’ll finally be looking at some custom figures! Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of the actual process I went through, but I’ll try to write out as much as I can remember. Also, if you have questions, please feel free to let me know!

So, many months ago, my sister and I decided that we wanted to design our own figures. We somehow assembled a team of 6, and we decided that the easiest way to do this was to use kidrobot’s MUNNYWORLD, a line of blank vinyl figures specifically made for custom work.

Munny Box

kidrobot’s MUNNY! 
There are different kinds of figures with different shapes and bodies, but I settled for the MUNNY. The mini MUNNY stands about 4″ tall.

Munny Contents

Inside the box, we get our blank MUNNY, a name tag, a template for sketching on, a marker, and a random accessory!


I got a picket sign!

Anyway, it took a while to come up with what I wanted to make, but eventually, I settled on something. I’m going to introduce him now with the help of my assistant for the day, Pikachu!

Custom Munny Pikachu

Remember him? He’s one of the Ichiban Kuji prize figures I showed you all in my last post. He’s also the best friend and companion of our main star today…

Custom Munny Red

..Red!! (^v^)
He’s the protagonist from Generation I of the Pokémon series~!

Rather than just painting/decorating the blank MUNNY, I really wanted to try working with epoxy putty, a two-part putty that self-hardens when mixed. Curing time depends on the putty you buy. The one I used had a curing time of a few hours, which I thought would be good since it’s our first time using it, but we ended up wasting a lot of time just waiting for parts to dry(; ̄ ^ ̄)

Anyway, Red’s hat, hair, and jacket were all sculpted using epoxy putty.

Custom Munny Head

So lumpy..( ̄□ ̄;)
Here’s Red’s head! I’m a little embarrassed since this was my first time working with putty.. everything’s so lumpy! I used aluminum foil for the inside of his hat to save putty and to reduce the weight of the whole thing. His head was already super heavy.

Custom Munny Overview

Everyone else’s work~
Here’s the drying station for all of our sculpted work!

Custom Munny Red Sculpt

Still lumpy..(; ̄д ̄)
After hours of sanding, I finally got something that looked like this! My arms got too tired to do anymore…

The next step was to prime it grey. We then painted using acrylic paints and then applied a couple layers of clear coat to finish the job! Because the primer was pretty dark, it took many layers of paint until it was finally completely covered. We will probably go for a lighter coloured primer next time~

Custom Munny Red Imperfections

Even after painting, the lumps and cracks are still very visible! Oh well…

Custom Munny Red and Pikachu

And finally, we have the completed Red! I actually decided to omit the eyes I had originally planned to put on him.. I was afraid of messing up and having to redo his whole face again! One day I might finish it… one day…

Custom Munny Red Front

A closer look~!
Here’s Red’s front side.

Custom Munny Red Left Side

Red’s left side.

Custom Munny Red Back

Red’s back side. Hehe, he has a tail apparently.

Custom Munny Red Right Side

And finally, Red’s right side.

Custom Munny Red Disassembled

I forgot to mention earlier, but a MUNNY can be taken apart into these 4 parts: the head, body, and the two arms. The head can turn, and the arms can move up and down as well.

Custom Munny Red Arm

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t take Red’s shoulder into consideration when I made the collar of his jacket. His arm will never be able to go fully down (´^`)

Here are a few more closer shots of him~

Custom Munny Red Hat

Red’s hat!
I used masking tape to outline the white part for the smooth edges.

Custom Munny Red Collar

His jacket and his… neck?
Remember to tape up all the joints so you don’t get paint on them! This makes it much easier to put your MUNNY back together.

Custom Munny Red Pants

His jeans and right shoe.
I also used masking tape here to help paint his shoes.

Custom Munny Red Jacket

Red taking a selca with pikachu?

Custom Munny Red

Anyway, that’s all for my custom! Since he doesn’t have any extra parts and pieces, I can’t show you much more. But I hope that gives you some insight on how to make your own!

The whole process took several months, but that’s only because I procrastinated the painting. All the sculpting and priming only took a few days. I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures of the process, but please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions! I promise I’ll have more informative pictures for my next project!

To end off my post, I thought I’d also post my boyfriend’s MUNNY. His was done with only acrylic paint.

Custom Munny Krillin Body

Can you guess who he is?

Custom Munny Krillin

It’s Krillin!!

Custom Munny Krillin Fight

He complements Vegeta quite nicely~(^v^)Hehe.

(>ω<)ノ~~  Until next time! Mata ne~


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