AmiAmi April Releases

Just a quick update today! (・v・)

Although it’s June already, here are the preorder releases and other loot I got for April that I only received a couple weeks ago in May.

April Loot Boxes

AmiAmi’s signature FRAGILE boxes~
Everything came from AmiAmi for this month!

April Loot #1

Here’s what I got!

April Loot Starry Sky Trading Cards

Starry Sky Trading Cards! They were on sale, so I grabbed myself a box. Little did I know though, these cards are based off the web animation and not Kazuaki’s work so the art was a little disappointing(;へ:)

April Loot Dead Master Animation Ver.

Here’s the new Animation version of Dead Master~

April Loot Wakana Sakai

Wakana Sakai from Tari Tari!

April Loot Charizard

D-arts Charizard is finally here! His box is HUGE.

April Loot Ultimate Madoka

Annnd Godoka is also here! She looks awesome. I can’t wait to open her up.

April Loot #2

More loot~~
And as I was procrastinating on uploading these pictures.. another box from AmiAmi arrived.

April Loot Gakupoid

I finally got my hands on Gakupo! I just couldn’t resist his eggplant and ≡▽≡ face any longer..

April Loot Nendo Clip

And I decided to try out one of those Nendoroid suction stands as well… because I was dumb and didn’t know that Iron Man came with a suction stand already (;¬_¬)

Anyhow, May releases are on the way already, so I’ll have even more stuff to show you guys soon!

・▽・)ノ~~ Until next time! Mata ne~


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