July+August Loot

Hello everyone!

(*´ェ`*) Sorry for the lack of updates.. it’s been busy the past couple of months, but hopefully, I’ll have time to do more reviews and fun stuff soon! Anyway, here is all the goodies that came in for July and August!

July/August Loot

It’s a mountain! (*゚ロ゚)
So many Nendoroids~! Which one do I open first….? I’m not opening them now, but let’s see who has joined the family!

July/August Loot - Venusaur

The starters are complete!!
Venusaur is finally here! That completes the evolved starter line for my D-Arts Pokémon figures. Speaking of Pokémon… Who’s excited for X and Y?? I know I am (。’▽’。)

July/August Loot - Haruka

First up on the mountain is Haruka from Minami-ke! And with her, the three sisters are finally together! Boo. Her box got squished in the mail though…

July/August Loot - Chariot

Next we have Chariot and Mary~ I still have to watch the BRS Animation.. I don’t really know who they are >_>

July/August Loot - Kobato

Here is Kobato from Haganai. She has a super cute pouty face. Sena’s going to be so happy…

July/August Loot - Rin

And here’s Natsume Rin~! I actually don’t follow Little Busters! but she was too cute… nyan~

July/August Loot - Snow Miku

Finally Snow Miku is here as well!~! Her box is huge AND heavy.. I can’t wait to open her up. Her box is so pretty(*◇*)

July/August Loot - Rin and Wooser

One of my most recent faves are these Nendoroids from the Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life series. Rin’s expressions are so cute~!

July/August Loot - Ren

And we have Ren as well~

Anyway, that’s my loot for the past two months! Gah so many Nendoroids, so little time… Who should I review next?

^□^)ノ~  Mata ne~ See you soon!


One thought on “July+August Loot

  1. Aww.. Kobato is so awesome. I, too, did a review on the Kobato Hasegawa Nendoroid.

    Let me know when you review Kobato.

    Oh! you a Snow Miku that so Cool !!!

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