[Review] Nendoroid 284 – Iron Man Mark 7 Hero’s Edition

Finally, here’s another review for you all~! ヽ(;^o^ヽ)

Today, we’ll be taking a look at….

Nendoroid Iron Man Box

Iron Man!!
He is in his Mark 7 armour that was featured in the movie, The Avengers. The box itself is a shiny metallic gold and red colour, reflecting the colours of his armour.

Nendoroid Iron Man Box Front

Here is the front of his box! Note that he is labelled as the “Hero’s Edition.” Anything with “Edition” at the end of the Nendoroid’s name means that they have more poseable joints than the average Nendoroid! I’ll show you what I mean in a bit.

Nendoroid Iron Man Blister Front

Let’s take a look at his blister..
There aren’t that many parts! (꒪⌓꒪) There’s Iron Man himself, a few effects parts and hands, and the rest are various stand options.

Nendoroid Iron Man Blister Back

Here’s the back~ Unfortunately, this is really all he comes with.

Nendoroid Iron Man Stand Parts

The various stands!
Iron Man comes with three different stand bases, two arms of different lengths, and an alternate support piece.

Nendoroid Iron Man City Stand

It’s a mini Stark Tower (^▽^)
The most interesting base is the one that resembles the city in which you can also attach the Stark Tower! Unfortunately, my tower has a bit of a painting flaw on the front.

Nendoroid Iron Man Stand Arms

Here’s the city base with the longer arm and the normal base with the shorter arm. Both the arms have the peg attachment that plugs into a hole in the Nendoroid’s back.

Nendoroid Iron Man Stand Arm #2

This is the alternate attachment used to hold Iron Man up at by the waist from the bottom for poses in the air. You simply remove the peg part from the arms and replace it with this one when you want to use it.

Nendoroid Iron Man Suction Stand

Lastly, Iron Man comes with a suction stand in which you can attach an arm like this! The suction stand is for when you want to have Iron Man stuck to your window or a shelf to look like he’s flying~ I haven’t tried this personally, so I don’t know how well it would work.

Nendoroid Iron Man

Anyhow, enough with the stands..
Here is Iron Man!!

Iron Man is an “Edition” Nendoroid, which means he has extra joints at his waist, shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankle, in addition to the typical neck, wrist, and leg joints. His feet also allows him to stand up on his own! That’s great for pictures, but it’s always safer to use a stand if you’re planning on displaying him.

Nendoroid Iron Man Close-up

He has a nice metallic red and gold finish on him. Here’s a close-up so you can see the pretty colours~ You can also see that he is pretty detailed for such a small figure. I think they replicated the Mark 7 armour pretty well!

Nendoroid Iron Man Parts

I tried to break him up as much as possible to show you all the points of articulation. His neck, leg, and wrists are like a typical Nendoroid’s. His shoulders use joints are now similar to the neck and leg joints plus they can be separated from his arms. His waist and feet are connected by ball joints, and his elbows and knees are hinged.

Nendoroid Iron Man Poseable

Thanks to his armour, the joints don’t appear too noticeable. Even though he has all these moveable parts, the range of motion is still restricted. For example, you won’t be able to move his thigh perpendicular to his body because his lower body gets in the way.

Nendoroid Iron Man Tony Stark

I-It’s Tony Stark! (ノ゚0゚)ノ~
One of my favourite things about this Nendoroid is that Iron Man’s faceplate can actually be removed to reveal a chibi Tony Stark!!

Nendoroid Iron Man Tony Start Side

The faceplate can be removed and stuck on his head to make it look like his helmet has opened.

Nendoroid Iron Man Faceplate

The faceplate just pops out and stays on the helmet using a magnet.

Nendoroid Iron Man Helmet Parts

Of course, Tony Stark’s faceplate can also be removed from the helmet to be replaced by any other Nendoroid’s expressions! This is how the helmet comes apart. I like to remove the top part first since they slot into the bottom, then the bottom, and then the ear parts. Both ear parts actually come off the helmet, but removing one is enough to remove the faceplate.

Nendoroid Iron Man Fists

Now time for the extra parts! The first extra pair of hands are these fists~

Nendoroid Iron Man Fists Close-up

Iron Man is ready to fight o(`へ´o)
All the joints in his arms really allow them to take on almost any pose, which is why he doesn’t come with any extra arms like most Nendoroids do.

Nendoroid Iron Man Hands Open

The second pair of extra hands are these opened ones. The default hands come downwards, but these ones have his wrists bent up, threatening with his palm repulsor rays!

Nendoroid Iron Man Hands Open to the side

I can picture him shooting his enemies now~

Nendoroid Iron Man Firing Effects Parts

But there’s no need to picture ( ̄︶ ̄)
Because he comes with two extra pairs of hands that have blast effects attached!

Nendoroid Iron Man Firing Effects Parts #2

The first is this pair. His hands are similar to the ones I just showed you, so the blasts come straight out from his palm.

Nendoroid Iron Man Firing Effects Parts #3

His hands are slightly lowered in this second set. As you can see, the blasts point slightly downwards.

Nendoroid Iron Man Other Effects Parts

More effects parts~!
His hands aren’t the only parts getting blast effects. The two larger ones are for his feet, and the smaller one is for his back.

Nendoroid Iron Man Flying

Iron Man is taking off!! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
These other parts are for posing Iron Man in the air. You can use the standard peg arm to plug into the hole in his back…

Nendoroid Iron Man Flying #2

…or use the alternate support piece to pose Iron Man flying high above the city skyline. When you use this piece, the hole in his back is exposed, so you can use the small blast effect piece in its place for more propulsion.

Nendoroid Iron Man Featured

Iron Man is the first “Edition” Nendoroid I have ever owned. He comes with multiple display options, although I’d probably only use the cityscape base. Even though he lacks extra parts, he makes up for it with the range of possible poses he can take, although more accessories are always nice! Overall, I really like how he has been shrunk down while preserving many of the details of his Mark 7 armour. I like how the joints are not noticeable, and I really like how they included a Tony Stark faceplate underneath the clever design for the Iron Man faceplate. The colours used are nice, and, from what I’ve seen, the paint job was pretty well done. I didn’t notice any obvious painting issues other than the blotch on the Stark Tower. Do take note that the red paint from the helmet does rub off on Tony Stark’s face if you’re not careful when trying to remove it (it happened to me (;A;).

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this Nendoroid! He’s a cute little guy with lots of potential for posing and enjoyment, especially if you’re a fan of Iron Man.

What do you guys think about him? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts!

・ω・)ノ~ See you next time~ Mata ne!


3 thoughts on “[Review] Nendoroid 284 – Iron Man Mark 7 Hero’s Edition

    1. Yeah, unfortunately he has become quite hard to find for a reasonable price now.. I also really like the hall of armour that comes with the new version of him! But I’m not too fond of the Mark XLII armour.. so I’m still on the fence about him (>ω<)

  1. I have one too!! I just bought it from a local Comic Store in Malaysia. Exactly the same thing but I’m having a hard time to remove his hands and his elbows doesn’t bend well… but overall he is a great piece.

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