September and October Releases

(꒪⌓꒪) I can’t believe another two months have passed~

That means it’s time for more loot posts! My September order came in mid October, and my October order arrived last week. I still have no where to put these new boxes, unfortunately ( ´△`) They are starting to form a mountain…

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroids!

(๑>ᴗ<๑) Ooh, so colourful~!
These are the new additions to my collection!

Let’s start with the September ones~

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Itoshiki Nozomu

Gah, please ignore the dust~
It’s Itoshiki Nozomu from Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei!! This is version a, the normal coloured version..

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Itoshiki Nozomu Kouji Kumeta Colour Ver.

..and this is version b, the alternate coloured version, apparently selected by the original manga author himself, Kumeta Kouji! So it’s known as the Kouji Kumeta Colour Version.

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Maria

For October, we have Takayama Maria from Haganai~ I never liked her character much from the anime, but I needed her to go with the rest of my Haganai nendoroids.

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Faris

Here’s Faris Nyannyan from Steins;Gate to join the Kurisu and Mayuri~!

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Shizue

Shizue (or Isabelle) from Animal Crossing!!
I didn’t actually plan to have her when she was announced, but after playing New Leaf, I had to get her because she is just too adorable (*≧▽≦)

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Madoka Maiko Ver.

The exclusives from the summer overseas conventions were also shipped in October! Here is the Maiko version of Madoka.

Sept+Oct Preorders - Nendoroid Miku Yukata Ver. Natsutsubaki

And a red yukata version of Miku~!

Sept+Oct Preorders - Daruma Keychain

This isn’t a nendoroid or a preorder, but it’s something I added to my last order – a small Daruma keychain that I think will be the perfect size for Nano! I definitely think they should’ve included this as an accessory for her considering how much she loved that thing.

Sept+Oct Preorders

Anyway, that’s all for the past two months. I hope you enjoyed going through the haul with me!

^▽^)ノ~ See you next time~ Mata ne!


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